Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Religion has given to God the character of the devil in order to manipulate and control behaviour. While God created “relationship” man created “religion”. Religion will always tell you that you are inadequate yet will offer no real hope of change. Religion kills but God gives life. God operates through love and free will and not by manipulation and force.
Will you again consider God but this time outside of the terms and language of religion. A good judge wont let a rapist off and the ultimately good Judge, who loves you, ensured that Jesus the innocent paid for every one of your crimes against HIm. Your forgiveness is offered as you read this because it has been fully paid for. The good news is that good! Religion involves “holding on” yet God speaks of surrendering. Pride hates that but I implore you to humble yourself now before the Maker of the universe. Time is short and not guaranteed so turn from religion to Jesus today.

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Dew of Hermon said...

You're right religion has been unmasked and exposed for all its powerless uselessness. Lift Jesus high and He will bring the wayward pilgrims to Himself.