Friday, January 15, 2010


"Prove to us that God exists" one of the lads said. "Are you open to persuasion?" I asked. They were and I then asked who had the pain behind their knee (word of knowledge). Jason, the chap in the middle said it was him and after prayer in the name of Jesus he testified, to his friends of course, that it was amazingly better (miracle and a sign). He then asked if he could get forgiveness of sins. After a brief explanation of his sin being carried on the cross by Jesus I invited him to pray in his own words. One of the pals was sniggering after the prayer and I said to Jason "Will you say before your friends that Jesus is Lord". He did not hesitate and boldly spoke it out and confessed belief in the resurrection. The divine exchange happened (new birth) and he even began to witness to his friends without delay! (evangelism). I left him with my card and a paperback action packed thriller...The gospel of Mark. Thus ended my brief fishing expedition with Oliver at Crown Alley in Temple Bar on a wintery Thursday night. Hallelujah! Pray for Jason.

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