Monday, December 13, 2010


"What's all this about?" the 2 girls asked as they approached me standing on my stool on Grafton Street yesterday amidst the busy Christmas shoppers. "We're here representing Jesus...can I ask you a question?". They were very keen to be asked anything and so I asked: "Why did Jesus come at Christmas?" after looking at each other they both said "I don't know...Why?". "He came to die" I said. "That's a bit forward" one replied. A discussion ensued where the simple and powerful message of the cross was communicated. Conviction was rising and then... one of the girls mobile phones rang and they quickly excused themselves and vanished. We had some excellent discussions and thousands witnessed the soon to be birthday boy's name lifted high!  I asked some people what the difference between Jesus and Santa Claus was. Again I was asked to give the answer and it was; "Santa didn't take it in the neck for your sins". Now we love Santa but she doesn't really compare. The day culminated in a new saint entering onto a relationship with Jesus and it was glorious..not to mention the 3 people who received miraculous healings! Christmas is a great time to witness for Jesus, ring me on 087 9795454 if you are free to join us in the city centre. We plan to be out next Saturday afternoon.

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