Friday, March 05, 2010


People are leaving the Catholic Church but don't know where to go. Many believe in God and want to do the right thing but feel somewhat betrayed by the systematic child abuse cover up over the years. I hereby announce: THE ALTERNATIVE CATHOLIC CHURCH (ACC) and say you are welcome!! In the apostles creed the line "I believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church" is used by anglicans as well as RC's. Catholic means "universal" in this context. The ACC is for all. Membership is written in heaven, not earth. Google "The Lamb's book of life" and see what I am on about. The qualifying work for entry is done by another (Jesus at Calvary). The members are all over the place, including Ireland! Some public, some secret but all passionately in love with their Creator. Members have to go through a new birth process which is supernatural and done by God himself but requires their surrender to him, a huge barrier for many because of pride and unbelief. Want to know more? Post a comment below and ask a question, email me (Anthony) or cut me out of the loop, close your bedroom door, get on your knees and ask Jesus himself... YOu will be utterly astounded at how the answer comes! Cheers.

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