Thursday, October 28, 2010


A very well known believer on national television (RTE) here in Ireland said that the Good Book was the most important thing in his life. Commendable you might was a pity he did not give "Jesus" as the answer. Let me give you a very simple illustration. I invite my friend to dinner but when he is with me I ignore him and become totally absorbed in the letters he wrote me instead! Sounds a bit rude and weird (and a reflection on lack of real relationship). Some believe in the holy trinity of The Father, The Son and The Holy Bible. Please don't think that I am belittling the Word of God, far from it. In the beginning was The Word...and the Word was God. In John chapter one Jesus is called "The Word" but never forget this: The Word is a person, not a doctrine nor a set of principles!
In today's wired up world people form relationships in a very shallow way (Think of Facebook's definition of "friends" for example). The temptation is there to spend too much time indoors in front of some sort of electronic display terminal to the detriment of real relationships. At the very heart of the (true) Trinity (Father Son and Holy Spirit) is RELATIONSHIP. The GREAT news is that wherever you are at morally or spiritually God wants to know you and when Peter in Acts 2 said "Repent" he was speaking to a people who thought they already knew God.
The photo is of Franklin Lobos a rescued Chilean minor embracing his daughter Carolina.

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