Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today, St Patrick's Day, was probably the busiest day of evangelism I've ever had. We (myself and Jim) were only out on Grafton street for about 2 hours but large numbers asked us questions...and they were all about Jesus (Of course we were holding up signs with His name!). At one stage I noticed how the groups (typically 4 or 5) waited until the previous group moved on before they stepped forward with their questions. At one stage a "smart alec" jumped up and grabbed my sign and sprinted off. I simply reached into my pocket and took out another sign to which the bemused onlooking crowd cheered. For the first time I began to ask the Father to send HIs Holy Spirit and cause the Fire of God to fall on the street....and why not! We are long overdue a new pentecost. Join me in prayer to this end.

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