Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It turned out it was just me and Jim fishing in Tallaght, with countless angels of course. I arrived early and scouted out the area around the Luas terminal and boy was it a ghost town! I then went to the big people magnet which was the Square shopping centre, a huge place, and although it was not crazy busy there was a reasonable number of people milling around the west entrance near the cinemas. When Jim joined me we took the guitar out and opened with "When the Saints go marching in". I knew we were on private property and might not last long but felt led of the Lord to go ahead anyway. "You need permission for that" said the burly well dressed security man, with his even more burly accomplice. "We have permission" I said without hesitation. "From whom?", "From the owner of this centre" I replied. "Who was that?" he said. "God almighty" said I. They then turned and left but I didn't feel a liberty to carry on so we packed up and went to Rathmines where we had a glorious time proclaiming Jesus and chatting to a few, all the time hold up high the wonderful name of the precious Lamb of God, The King of Kings, the matchless Name above all names, JESUS! The video is a birthday greeting recorded in Rathmines for Kyle Holland's 50th. He was the first guy I saw pray for the sick on the street...and that was 26 years ago!


Kyle Holland said...

Love you Bro!!!

MargaritoJ淑珍_Arent0 said...
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