Monday, September 13, 2010


"I don't think God is doing a good job when you look at the trouble in the world" The Gent said to me on Saturday night at about 1am on Grafton Street as we discussed the gospel. I asked him and his wife (I assume) if they had children and they informed me they'd 2 teenage kids. I said that they might be the best parents in Ireland yet still get a late night call from the local police saying their kid was on drugs and had comrmitted an awful crime. I then said God in heaven is a parent but should not be blamed for the waywardness of his kids! They got the message...and plenty of food for thought about Jesus who loved them so much to come down on earth to take the rap for their wrongdoing.
I have never used this illustration before nor even thought about it but I found it yet another example of how the wonderful Holy Spirit gives you wisdom on the spot. Without a shadow of a doubt or a hint of an exaggeration I can honestly say that the vast majority of what I have learnt about by evangelizing. If you know Jesus let me encourage you to find someone who goes out weekly on the streets and "tag along". You will never be the same again and , more importantly, God will use you to push back the kingdom of darkness.

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