Sunday, June 13, 2010


Recently I was witnessing on Grafton Street and some radical muslim gents with anti-Israel t shirts came up to me and asked questions. I asked the main chap "You are a muslim. Tell me how to get to heaven". He proposed a bunch of actions and rules to which I asked "If I do that will it make me good?" "Oh no it wont" he admitted. Here lies the problem of Islam and all religions...they don't make you good or holy and yet God is holy! Take Jesus' death out of the picture (as muslims do when they believe he was substituted on the cross by Judas!) and you are left without hope. Thankfully He did die for all and so we have hope when we turn to Him.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ant,

missing you guys and the sessions out on the street. Have a burden for going out again. At the moment though in Israel and the Jews are a completely different kettle of fish. Have to start praying that the LORD will show me a way to reach out.

Last year two brothers from the States who proclaim the message of salvation of our LORD Jesus Christ boldly and faithfully were staying at our house. Here is their website:

There is a great DVD that I believe was already released on street preaching. You can see one of the brothers preaching in Henry Street on the scenes:

An unprofitable servant in Christ,