Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The arrest of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar represents the most significant Taliban capture since the terrorist attacks of September 11 according to a senior Obama administration official. Who loves war? Not me... yet I hate the Taliban and Al Quida more and so am glad to hear of the above news. You cannot love without hating what opposes love. You can't love Israel without hating the holocaust. Yet so often gospel preaching christians, yes there are a few left, get lambasted by lovey dovey "christians" who see God's love as a one sided coin with no holiness on the other side. When we get a sneak preview of heaven in the book of Revelation we see God on the throne surrounded by cries of "Holy, Holy, Holy". To an amoral badly educated and deeply deceived western mindset the idea of being called to account for anything puts them in a hissy fit. Boy are there some surprises in store when Jesus returns and Dawkins knee bows! ....God loves the world but hates that millstone around your neck called sin. My suggestion is get it cut off before it eternally sucks you down to the Psalm 88 place. Jesus can be your scapegoat if you get down off your high horse of pride for a moment and bow that stubborn knee of yours.

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