Friday, March 12, 2010


No area of science is so unashamedly dumb as the Theory of Evolution. It defies scientific laws and norms, dogmatically states as fact unproven assumptions and violently opposes opponents in a manner that makes North Korea look like a free country. It is like the mathematician who dedicated his life to finding out what 2 plus 2 was but had willfully chosen, or been deceived, that in no circumstances could 4 be considered. An infinitely complex cosmos and micro cosmos by chance and not design? A must for the evolutionist. Probability doesn't matter because the existence of an intelligent creator must be resisted at all costs. And does it matter says you, oh lukewarm humanist christian whether GOd used evolution or not? Absolutely because either Man brought death or death brought man. The former meant that Jesus as perfect Man through death could bring "Life" while the latter means...We are all hopeless animals. No wonder some behave that way with all the LIES taught in Schools, Media and in (Evolutionary) science. The conclusion of Evolution is amorality and a resulting disintegration of the very fabric of our civilized society, nothing less.


Anonymous said...

Which specific laws of science does the theory of evolution defy? What are the incidents of violent opposition please? Who was this mathematician? How does the theory of evolution negate the existence of of the intelligent Creator of life systems? I don't follow your "hopeless animals" thinking. Human behavior is not simply dependent on the theory of evolution. This article appears emotive, could be inflamatory, and requires deeper consideration perhaps.

Ant said...

I will give 2 examples of laws defied by evolution: Evolution speaks of increasing order and complexity over time while the Second Law of Thermodynamics speaks of Entropy where things tend to breakdown and not become more complex naturally. Secondly Laws of Probability in an infinite number of areas are also defied by naturalistic evolution. We haven't got near to the bottom of understanding the awesome complexity of nature and yet people believe it was all by chance!
Opposition to those who question evolution is in the area of education (all levels) and government funding for Scientific research in Europe and to my knowledge in USA also. Perhaps "violent" is a misleading word in my post but "absolute" might be more accurate.
The point I made about the mathematician was purely an illustration where a particular answer is excluded before evaluation. One evolutionist said "I believe in Evolution because the only alternative is special creation which I find incredible"
My point about "hopeless animals" is that if we all arrived here by chance then life is fundamentally "amoral" and each person or group can set their own rules with no reference to a non-existant creator. We would be hopeless regarding any eternal relationship with our loving Creator and we would be "animals" in that our ancestors were.
The article is blunt emotive (I do get offended when my ancestors get insulted) and inflamatory (for those who support evolution). Best Wishes AB

Geoff said...

Evolution does not describe cosmology, it explains the diversity of life. Making such rudimentary errors does not make your case stronger.
On your response to Anonymous:
The second law of thermodynamics holds true in a closed system. If you look outside you'll see the earth is being bombarded with energy from the sun - not a closed system.
Do you have any other counterargument?
Please, buy a book. It doesn't even have to be on evolution. You make woeful arguments. Even if you read (creationist site) you'd be able to present the fa├žade of a reasonable position.