Sunday, April 25, 2010


After preaching on Saturday on Grafton Street yesterday I spoke to 4 chaps who had listened to my message about the good guy getting the comuppance for the baddie's deeds (aka the message of the cross). One of the chaps actually said "I don't understand how God would send his good son to die for guilty people". "It was because he loves you and there is no other way holy God can legally deal with the matter".  I was left with the distinct impression that these guys had never ever heard the gospel before. They are not unique I hasten to add, they are typical. Pray, pray, pray that the Lord sends labourers into the harvest. We need prayer backing as we go out and I myself need to pray the Lord sends others to the loved ones in my family who are not open to me. In 2 weeks we are off to pastures green (Tallaght) for evangelism, why not join us? Ant 087 9795454 . The Photo Shows Leonidas' family proudly holding high the matchless name in Burundi!

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