Thursday, August 25, 2011

God's Corrupted Book: Nature

King Bird of Paradise photographed by Tim Laman  
I have heard it said that God has two books: The Bible and Nature. This was said in the context of a seminar which was trying to reconcile Evolution with God the creator. God does indeed have these 2 books but one of them (nature) is corrupted while the other isn't. The corruption entered with sin and rebellion and so reading God in nature has now become a hazardous occupation. Computers leaving factories are quality checked and in one sense "perfect". Yet after a bit of use and internet activity they can before infected with virus' and be less than perfect. It would be wrong to struggle with  a virus ridden computer and then ring the manufacturers to complain...It simply wasn't their fault. Many however blame God for the mess of this planet, be it the savagery in nature or humanity or the cruelty of painful illnesses and death. This is wrong. Mankind is to blame. I am to blame. You are to blame. The perfect Book said that when God created everything it was "Very Good".

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