Monday, August 01, 2011


As a family we are suffering a pet bereavement. Of course it's different to the loss of a loved person but it remains painful. Why? Some well meaning but not well informed people say that death is part of life but as regenerated followers of Jesus we have a different conviction and it's like this: Our wonderful Creator made life while death is no less than an obscene enemy. It entered when our first ancesters defied their Creator and it will be the last enemy thrown into the lake of fire at the end of time as we know it. Death is painful to those left behind as they feel loss and separation, not the original design. I seriously worry about the implications of the belief that death is simply part of the "circle of life" process. It implies that the Creator made death...perish the thought! My God is not a cruel monster who designed flesh ripping savage animals, no, he made peaceable pet like animals without fear who suffered a corruption along with the rest of creation once man broke fellowship with God. Thank God that He restores the original order and soon the lion will lie down with the lamb and death will be no more...What a thought...and all because He took on Himself my death (and yours) at Golgotha not that long ago...All that said we do miss Rosie our dog!

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