Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The British Centre for Science Education (an anti-Creation athiest lobby group) support a campaign and petition to get any discussion of creation science removed even from religious education classes (in UK). They call it "CRISIS" (Creationism in School isn't science). Of course they forgot to insert the word "evolutionary" before science.
If this group, and their fellow Evolution supporters, are right then Jesus was a liar, the cross was meaningless and God's word can't be trusted. Personally I know Him to be the Truth, His Word reliable and the Cross and resurrection to be the Power of God manifest on earth. I find that science (not evolutionary science) supports the Genesis account. I appreciate that it is easy for either side in the debate to get emotional and just slag off the other. This seems to be what happened when Thomas Huxley debated Darwin's theory to the British Association for the advancement of science in Oxford in 1860 and had Biship Wilberforce insult him! Soon after this scientific opinion swung to the current evolutionary view.
Creation as we see it today is far from perfect and this is due to the corruption from sin and not an evolutionary act in motion!  The heart of mankind is rotten (until God intervenes and renews) and time and chance only make bad things worse. The photo is of Barack Obama today saying "Yes we can" . He's probably referring to dividing up the land of Israel (Joel 3:2) or the like (no wonder we had the windiest day ever recorded in Ireland today and he was forced to leave early by an oncoming ash cloud).  


Geoff said...

Ant, I've done my best to find any of your posts that mention evolution and have answered your questions to the best of my abilities in your comments.

I feel I've addressed them all. Thanks for leaving my comments in place by the way, a lesser man would have deleted them.

Did I miss any? Do you have any other questions about evolution?

PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins are in Dublin this weekend for the World Atheist Convention. If you can get me a question I can't answer by Friday I'll be happy to ask them on your behalf.

Ant said...

@Geoff. Perhaps ask Mr Dawkins if he knows of any explosion (apart from the alleged "big bang') that gave more order than before. I suspect not.

Geoff said...

Hi Ant,
Thanks for the reply.
I was hoping for a question related to evolution. That's cosmology.
Evolution explains the diversity of life. It does not seek to explain the origins of life (abiogenesis) or the cosmos (cosmology).
Do you have a question on evolution?

Geoff said...

Hi Ant,
Not sure how often you check your comments page. I still don't quite see the relevance of your question to evolution, but in case we miss each other, here are some examples of explosions leading to order:
C6H12O6 + O2 -> 6C02 + 6H20
One I remember from my biology days. It's an explosion that started two and a half billion years ago and has been growing in force ever since then. It's happening inside you right now - the burning of glucose in the presence of oxygen to produce energy, water and CO2.
Ever hear the phrase we are all made of stars? Hydrogen and helium are the only 'naturally' occurring elements. Everything else was formed inside stars. When they burn out they explode, scattering the elements.
The moon is the result of an astral body colliding with our planet, ripping off a chunk and settling in orbit. From this we got tides, nighttime illumination and a changed length of day.
Volcanic eruptions spread fertile ash and create new islands. Iceland is relatively new and was formed by eruptions.
Anyway, the full lineup for this year's world atheist convention is here. It's sold out, but if there is a question I can't answer you'd like to put to one of the speakers let me know.