Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This Friday at 9pm a small group of us will do some "night fishing" in Temple Bar square. It was at night on a city street (New York 1984) where I first spoke to evangelists and understood that the purpose of Jesus' death was to personally take my sin and have it legally paid for by His own death. This encounter partly explains why I like to share at night. I am also aware of the fact that many go out at night looking for life (in the wrong places of course!) and it's good to be there with the Truth (a person). Of all things I am aware of I am most acutely aware of my utter inability to go out, share, worship, preach and publicly lift up Jesus' name (literally) without the help of the precious Holy Spirit. I am also aware of the need of prayer support and perhaps this is where you come in!
The photo is of me on Grafton Street a few weeks ago. I wore the hat when I spoke of Holy God judging sin and I took it off as I spoke of loving God wanting our fellowship. I explained how this paradox was reconciled at Calvary.

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