Tuesday, August 16, 2011


An iconic image of the recent riots

The recent London riots were a stark reminder about (fallen) human nature. On  a normal day a normal person behaves himself ( or herself). But on those rare occasions where it enters peoples heads that they can "get away with" getting something (like a telly) for nothing then all hell breaks loose. A few years ago there was some ugly violence when some hooligans ripped up the old Lansdowne Road stadium. Months later when they appeared in the Dublin courts they turned out to be neatly dressed professionals, a far cry from the thugs caught on camera on the night. It was the mob dynamic that made them feel invincible (and uncatchable) on the night. 
True character is what you do when nobody is looking. Few have good character. The humanists who have been arguing about the "goodness of man" really haven't a clue. Pull away the restraint and see what happens! Many middle class people might have abhorred the street violence (rightly so) but are happy to cheat taxes (steal).  For most the external policeman keeps them under control but God's ultimate plan was that HIs Spirit would be within us and instead of sweating to try and keep His law we would have a "new heart" and want nothing else but to please Him at all times. David Cameron was right when he spoke of slow breakdown of society. The ground is ripe for revival and reformation according to God's ways, not ours.

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