Tuesday, September 20, 2011


When I witness on the street for Jesus I typically avoid distracting discussions, especially political ones where most people's views can be quite polarized and not for turning. I am however struck by the irony of the stance people are taking today in condemning violence (rightly so) and supporting the establishment of a state (Palestine) that has the destruction of it's neighbour in its charters. I couldn't wait for the Irish Times to publish my letter so here it is!:
Both Hamas and Fatah deny Israel the right to exist and continue to facilitate indiscriminate rocket launches against them. Despite this and the recognition of Hamas as a terrorist organization a large portion of the western world seems drunk on the idea of supporting them in their breakaway declaration of statehood. Ireland would be wise to take a stand in this lunacy and join USA, and perhaps other nations in standing up for what is right. If the IRA in the height of their violence campaign had declared some kind of a country while murdering protestant and other civilians would it have been right to give them a state of any description? I think not. The Irish peace process involved talk not breakaway declaration. Israel needs our support by us speaking out and voting in the UN against this lunacy at a time when ethical and moral blindness seems to be descending on the international body politic.
Yours sincerely, Anthony Brabazon....Comments are welcome but rants will be binned!

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The Space Bishop said...

Well yes but ... your dead right in the hypocrisy of supporting Palestinians for statehood whilst they have murderous intetions in their own constitutions but then you go and do the same thing! You can't support Israel without acknowledging the injustices they perpetrate. The trick is if you support either side without demanding that they both change you've lost your sense of fairness. Allthough James (2) is talking about a situation where a church was favouring the rich over the poor the underlying law is that we are not to show favouritism.