Sunday, June 19, 2011


Yesterday we went out to Temple Bar in Dublin to witness and preach. Crowds were large and very cosmopolitan, as one expects here. Although we spent a good time lifting up the wonderful Name above all names we had a limited discussions with people. I did however have a chat with a very foul mouthed Lithuanian who had strong anti-biblical opinions. When his 3 mates came along I said to the friends "You should talk to your friend here... He doesn't realize that he was wonderfully created by God, he actually thinks he came from a monkey!" His friends burst out laughing at this and showed interest in the "Monkey tract" I was passing out. The original chap tried to intercept this and didn't want his friends to have anything to do with it...but God had better plans.
I can only pray that our good Lord uses this encounter to begin to bring conviction of sin to them all. Indeed I could see in the street for most if not all the afternoon that we were in great need for the fire of God to fall on the people. I'm not in any way against those who call for the Holy Spirit's fire in the churches but I find astonishingly few call for it on the streets. Will you join me in this cry to heaven?
The photo is of a current billboard for a new computer game but sadly it is also representative of the attitude of the church (...and mine sometimes!). We have swallowed the worlds' lie that we should "Do what we feel". How about doing what He feels.
On Friday week  we are from 9pm doing some nightime evangelism in Temple Bar. Contact me if you are free to join. Labourers wanted! Observers welcome and Intercessors (on or off street) greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Is there a scanned copy of this monkey tract available?

Ant said...

I can mail a pdf if you wish. e-mail me

Anonymous said...

Hi Ant great to see you are out preaching the Gospel, I havent been in temple bar for awhile mainly Henry Street. God bless you Des.

Anonymous said...

There are people brother, there are people praying for a fresh baptism for that very reason - preaching the saving gospel of our Lord.