Friday, January 09, 2009


Okay...Come down off your high horse and consider this. There was once a judge who sat in authority in the courts of the land. Regardless of the crimes brought before him he always said to the perpetrator "I forgive are free to go". What an absurdity! Such a judge would be a BAD Judge..or more to the point he wouldn't be a judge at all because he would have no regard for the law. Is God in heaven, our creator, a judge or not? If He is He cannot be "All Forgiving". Too many people on the street say he is all forgiving but our call as believers is to explain that Jesus died as the payment for our guilt before Holy (perfect) God. When the pin pricks of guilt hit we must avoid the temptation to lash out at the messenger saying "Don't Judge". God is a judge and I too judge Molesters, Terrorists, Rapists, Thiefs and Gangsters. God goes further and judges all men and finds all guilty and then places that guilt on His beloved son's shoulders, let's Him take the rap and offers not a universal amnesty but a promise of forgiveness to those who turn to Him in humility. God is forgiving but not all forgiving and without the shedding of (His) blood there is no forgiveness. Happy New Year.

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