Friday, January 30, 2009


There may be one, there may be 5 or there may be more but outreaches are planned Outside Dublin throughout 2009 on a monthly basis. See the dates and places on the sidebar! What do you need to come? A new heart and a new spirit. If you are lacking this it is freely available from Jesus Christ, bought not by your good deeds but by HIs perfect blood. The detail agenda of each outreach is available from God after the event (what fun it is to be led by the wonderful Holy Spirit!). If you know Jesus then you know us! It's all for him. We are part of a church but the outreach promotes no church only Jesus. If you love to share your faith..join us. If you don't know how to or are scared of sharing your faith but wouldn't mind some training...come stand beside us and learn. Either way you are more than welcome!and finally...If you are a Dawkinite who thinks God is a myth...come out and talk to us! Ant (O87-9795454

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