Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"With many other words he warned them and pleaded with them" Acts 2:40. How few do that today! Most preaching is of the variety which is scared to warn and plead. What's the root of this? Is it rampant humanism in the body of Christ? Is it compassion turned sour and into "devil petting" or is it a lack of faith and knowledge of the fate of the unconverted? I'm all for compassion...genuinely!. I'd be lost without God's compassion but if we decouple compassion and love from the bloody message of the cross we immediately are in heresy. John 3:16 and 17 shows God's love manifested in the crushing of His only Son...the only way the Justice of Holy God can be satisfied. When I was recently preaching on Grafton Street about this "Bloody Gospel" someone spoke to me after, one to one, and was offended by such mention of violence. He thought this was similar to a radical islam message. I explained that the only blood this referred to was the innocent blood of the Lamb of God and that other human blood was useless as it was unholy and a worthless currency for redemption before Holy creator God.

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