Saturday, January 24, 2009


I can honestly say that God’s glory descended on Temple Bar today as we ministered on the street. It started when the busker we prayed would move on eventually did. I respect buskers as they are seeking an honest few bob but often the music they play is not the most conducive to a move of the Holy Spirit! After he’d gone I took out my own guitar and began to worship. I wasn’t seeking any crowd nor money but I do understand the power of praise and how, on the street , it can clean up the spiritual atmosphere. When my wife arrived and joined me in singing “All for Jesus” it wasn’t long before she was ready to preach and boy did it grab attention.

The foot traffic began to stop and listen to the message about those who insulted Jesus at the time of His trial. It was anointed. As she was finishing and giving an invitation to people to approach those holding up the name of “Jesus” to find out more about a relationship with God a young man approached and I ended up talking to him. He was in a desperate state, had run out of a rehab programme and wrestled with serious thoughts of ending his life that day. He prayed with us but I know the battle rages on at present for him. I explained how the enemy is a liar and can’t get at God but is trying to get God by killing you and bringing you to hell forever…but God’s love is reaching out to you. This man was in a war, one that Jesus already won at Calvary.

Earlier in the day I spoke to a lovely young chap who was utterly deceived by athiesm. He admitted he wasn’t even open to any persuasion. I then told him that Jesus is alive and can heal any sickness he now has in his body. I then asked the Lord where any such pain might be. “Do you have a sore shoulder” I asked. “I have a dislocated shoulder” he admitted. I asked him if he’d like healing prayer and he said no and began to walk away. As he did I said that God knows everything about him and loves him dearly. He had rejected religion but had never heard the gospel. He was now rejecting Jesus but I believe that he may one day turn. This I pray for.
After the preaching a group of 5 hardened Dub late teens went by with some smart alec comment. I called them back and declared that Jesus heals today. The lad with the huge black eye asked for prayer after which he admitted to feeling better. I was a bit surprised the blackness was still there but they went on without delay and I would have loved to have heard the chat among them after they’d gone.
Apart from the above thousand saw the name of JESUS lifted high. To God be ALL the glory. Next week it’s Bray…so Pray for Bray!! Ant

The photo was taken a few weeks ago on Grafton Street. I find our message gains relevance when ambulences show reminds people of their vulnerability. See if you can make out anything in the reflection!

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