Saturday, May 02, 2009


As we were on Grafton Street today holding high the matchless name (of "JESUS" of course!) 2 teenage girls came over for a chat. One said her boyfriend had dumped her just now, she was heartbroken but I told her that Jesus himself was "Dumped" at the cross when the Father rejected Him. We discussed why He suffered this rejection and how it was for our acceptance.She'd never heard the like! I gues they are too busy in the religion classes teaching them universalism and humanism that they've no time for the simple truth! .How wonderful is our God however that we can freely proclaim His word on the streets. Last week in Limerick we had to battle with the rain. Each time I stepped out of the shelter, when I though the rain was easing it would immediately come heavier! This wasn't good enough. I had a wee bit of faith for God to clear the rain but when I was then joined by my friend John (fellow Fisherman of course!) my faith rose (2 can put 10,000 to flight!) we boldly prayed and within a minute the rain had stopped and the sun was beaming...The preaching soon followed on Cruises Street to the glory of God! Ant

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