Sunday, May 17, 2009

Miracles: the dinner bell of salvation!

Maurice was preaching up a storm on Grafton Street today and I sensed the Lord wanted me to stand a short distance away from him and Jim and hold up my "Jesus" sign. Shortly after this 3 teenage girls aproached me and one of them asked me numerous genuine questions about God, all in rapid succession. She wanted the truth and I was happy to answer although I admitted I coundn't answer all her questions. I did however get opportunity to pray for her friend's sore leg and when she then went walkabout to check her leg she was amazed...Jesus had instantly healed her! (read mark chapter 16!) Whatever attention I had before this was dramatically amplified. I believe these three girls left amazed by God's presence and power. I wish all the saints reached out like the words of a Van Morrison song says "..He healed the sick and He healed the lame...and He says you can do it too in Jesus' name". To God be allllll the glory! Photo is of Leonidas, our dear brother and street preacher, now in Burundi.

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