Tuesday, May 12, 2009

God loves the JW's

"No thank you" the Watchtower lady said to me when I asked her if she would like Jesus to heal her back. I had been asking them why did Jesus die on the cross and their answer, like other religious people, was vague and incorrect. In the past when Jehovah witnesses called to the door I would be intimidated into a discussion about their strange interpretation of their version of God's word (the new world translation). But this time I kept it simple...because the gospel is simple. The innocent son of God dying for the guilty. I then asked Jesus for a "word of Knowledge" and I sensed God was saying that the lady on my right had a bad back. I thought "a bad back!...that's so common that seems more like a guess of knowledge" I then felt mildly convicted that I had asked God and then doubted His leading. "Do you have a sore back" I asked her...cutting across her explanation of things watchtower.."Yes she said" without hesitation. I was disappointed that she rejected the offer of healing prayer..but...I trust that God can reveal himself to her through this word. We concluded the disussion with some pleasenteries. The 2 ladies were very sincere but very lost and deceived. Only the blod of Jesus can set people free, not any religous works.
And the photo? it's of me in Limerick recently! Ant

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