Saturday, April 18, 2009


While I was out late last night on Grafton Street I got chatting to 2 Brazilian chaps who were operating rickshaws. They said they loved Jesus but as we continued the conversation I had a sense that they did not yet know Him personally. They were Roman Catholic but, despite their excellent english had great difficulty answering the question as to why Jesus willingly went to the cross. "To show His love for us" one said. I said "Well I love my wife but I wont jump in front of a luas (tram) to prove it" They were stumped. I explained, as had been patiently explained to me, a moderately devout Catholic at age 23 (25 years ago!), that He went to the cross because I was guilty and He was innocent and my sins could be dealt with by that way only. It occured to me that the thief on the cross who turned to Jesus said the very same "We deserve our punishment but this man is innocent". That is the wonderful simple Gospel or "Good News" anything different is a dangerous deception.

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