Saturday, November 28, 2009


I was utterly offended on Grafton Street recently when a gentleman told me my ancester didn't exist! He said Adam and Eve was a myth...What an insult! He was telling me I was an animal by this assertion. Disgusted and shocked I was...."Wait a minute" I hear you say "Are you that sensitive?". Let me say this: We are so conditioned by our lying society to accept the adult fairy tale of Evil-ution. It is an illogical God defying "thoery" whose fruit is amorality. It is also Illogical as design speaks of Designer, even Machine means Maker yet any machine is utterly crude in comparison to Nature itself. And don't speak of this "Mother Nature " guff as if "she" made herself. Evolution may allow for some wee gods created by man in his image but not for Creator God who made us in His image. Death entered the world, not as an integral part of the "creative" process as required by survival of the fittest Evolution but as a result of Adam and Eve's God defying sin. The whole of creation was subjected to the virus of death from this time...(hello nasty virus' and deer eating lions). If this were not true then Jesus' death at Calvary was a useless waste of life.
In the western world the laws are becoming increasingly anti Christ. Gospel preaching can become a "Hate Crime" when certain parties are "offended". Let me again put it on the record that I am offended by Evolution. I am not an animal but am made by God in His are you! To worship Nature instead of God is like thanking only the postman for the Christmas gifts you got in the mail and saying nothing to the true giver...How would you think the Giver feels?

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