Saturday, November 07, 2009


I met a new architectural client in their house in Shankill this week and when she began to explain her house problems she used the Lords name as a curse word...but immediately she apologized to me and said she saw the name of Jesus on the back of my car and assumed it was "a praise word and not a swear" . When you think of how easy people curse with the Holy name (never Budda , Mohammud or Krishna or any other dead man) you must conclude, like me, that it is demonically inspired. And we know from God's word that the enemy HATES the name of Jesus with a passion. It reminds him of his folly at Calvery when the only innocent man ever died and thereby set the guilty free through His death. That's why we are not ashamed to lift up the Jesus sign in public places. I am not ashamed of the One I love.


Thomas Fluharty said...

OH the POWER of HIS NAME. How beautiful that one of the first awakenings I had was to his name spoken and especially cursed, it made me cringe whereas before I used to curse it continually. How that change happens is an absolute miracle. To YOU who believe HE IS PRECIOUS! Preach on ANT~T

Ant said...

Hi Tom. Lovvve your art...and your passion for the King! I think "that Jacket" you had about 21 years ago made a deep impression on me! Remember how you won the Space Invador game in the chipper in Booterstown, Dublin and wrote "Jesus Loves You" instead of your name on the scoreboard! Rock on 4 de Rock!Ant