Wednesday, December 09, 2009


"I don't believe in Jesus" the Italian Girl said as soon as she had asked me why I was holding up the name of "Jesus" in Temple Bar Square on Saturday afternoon last. "Well do you believe that a person called Jesus Christ existed?". She paused and then said yes. "Do you believe he died on a cross?". She paused and then said yes. " Do you believe the tomb was empty a few days later?". She paused and then said yes. "Who took the body?" I then asked. "The authorities" she answered. "Why didn';t they then rodiuce the body to put an end to christianiy then?" I asked to which no answer ensued. The truth is He rose from the dead. NO other explanation can account for the empty tomb. She was left to ponder both this and the fact that one of her four friend also was instantly and completely healed of back pain after I asked Jesus to heal Him. I wish I was an italian speaking fly on the wall at the pizza restaurant that night as they might have considered Jesus together later! To God be all the Glory. I was particulary blessed that night when my polish frien and sister in the Lord upon hearing this testimony and herself receiving prayer testified to a healing of a heavy cold (on Tuesday). The Supernatural is the very-natural and we should walk in it to glorify God. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven! Hallelujah! Ant

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