Friday, February 27, 2009

Of course you are invited!! but don't come under obligation! A few of us are gathering before God to ask him for mercy for Ireland at this troublesome time. WE NEED HELP and OUR HELP COMES FROM THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. Of course banks, govrnment, IMF, EU may be used in the recovery process but we must see through all this to the hand of God and call out to HIm! We also are not keen to see the economy "bounce back" only for multitudes to be again decieved by riches and end up seperated from God for now and eternity.
The location of our meeting is significant I believe in that underneath our feet will be the Poddle river which was the location of many baptisms during the days of Patrick. Indeed it is reported that the first church he established in Dublin was located on an island in the middle of the Poddle river at this location. I believe that in his day the glory of God was manifest in this land and that once again we can cry out to HIm for a fresh outpouring of the wonderful Holy Spirit. Go to for details.

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