Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What a shock this one is! No need to go into detail but it was certainly:
* a surprise
* beyond man's control
* Scary
So we got into debt, with everyone egging us on like banks, marketing, peer pressure and our own ego. Now we dearly wish we had no debts. All of this, although vividly real to us, is only a mirror of what is REALLY going on.

We all have a debt before our creator God which can't be paid off...or can it? God knew our hopeless state and sent Jesus His son to be crushed on the cross for our sin. If we get on our knees and ask His forgiveness we can have A NEW START with a CLEAN SLATE! ...not based on our "goodness" (boy what a myth!) but based on His blood paying the price of our rebellion against Him.

It's appointed to a man to die once and then comes judgement. Why not be ready this time!

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bix1951 said...

I was told the debt is already paid, we just have to accept it as being paid. We just need to realize that it is already paid.