Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today a man in his late forties went to Howth with a single intention: To end HIs life. He was heartbroken over a rejection by his daughter and was also living a life on methadone. He cried out in prayer and then changed his plan. Hours later he was walking in Temple Bar and met myself and 3 brothers lifting up the Holy name of JESUS. He was bitter over a previous church experience but God gave opportunity to minister to him, pray for protection, minister the gospel of salvation, healing and deliverance and invite him to a place of healing to which he promised to come tomorrow. He may come...or he may not but my sincere prayer is that the destroyer would not have him but that he would fall on the rock which is Christ. That is one side of the story...the other side is that thousands of others today looked the other way and rejected Jesus. Who will cry with me over these two stories?

The Photo is of George Whitfield preaching at Leeds in 1749...I look forward to meeting that chap!

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