Saturday, November 08, 2008

Who ya lookin at?

Adam and Eve were God focussed before sin and then after sin they became self focussed, becoming aware of their nakedness and hiding from God. What Gospel are we bringing to people today? Is it the message about the holiness of God, the depravity and lostness of man and the sufficiency of the death of the spotless Lamb of God, Jesus the message that they are beautiful and need only to realise it! I first heard this message from my brother about 25 years ago when he was a Hare Krishna and spoke of the need for "self realisation" that we are in fact gods!! Sadly I am hearing this message again in Christian circles when I should be hearing the gospel!

We are all made in God's image but boy has sin corrupted all and seperated all from Holy God. That's why all religions utterly fail. They all deal with "self improvement" but what improvement to imperfection can produce a holy person whom could live with a Holy God for a second or eternity? Sin has a price and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. The justice of God must be satisfied. I truly deserve eternal hell. Why? Because I broke the perfect law of God! The last unholy guy in heaven got turfed out and took a third of the angels with him. Since that day no more unholy are getting in. We don't need to be telling people they are "good" when they are in fact monstors of iniquity whose only hope is a humble sorrow and repentance and turning toward God in faith in light of Calvary...Anything else is Humanism.

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