Sunday, October 19, 2008


While I was getting a lift home from my son's rugby match yesterday by my friend he complained about his sore elbow. He even mentioned the possibility of needing surgery to have it fixed. He had been lifting heavy things from his attic following a clear up at the end of a messy divorce. Some object had slipped but his pal was below so instead of instinctively letting go he held on and did painful damage to his elbow.

I said I knew a surgeon who was free of charge, could operate without side effects and could do it all instantly! When we got home and were having a cup of coffee in my house I again asked if he'd like Jesus to heal him now. I showed him Jesus' promise in Mark 16 "they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover" He admitted to being a skeptic on these matters. I said God is not looking for faith from him at this time. He then asked me "what if I don't get healed". I said we'd talk about that later if he didn't get healed.

I then held his elbow and asked the risen Christ to heal him. I felt a small heat and minor vibration then and I knew God was touching him. I then asked him to flex his elbow and lift up something. At this stage he went "Bug eyed" and testified to a complete healing in amazement. It was then that I got to clearly explain the difference between religion and a living faith in the risen Jesus who proved his divinity by His resurrection. To God be ALL the glory. What I learnt from this was the way the heart is opened by the miraculous. Now I'm HUNGRY!

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