Friday, July 10, 2009


Hi there..It's been a while! Busy moving office and all that but now...the Good News of Jesus' death and resurrection must be spread in this dear land of ours. I am going out tonight to meet some believers to go "fishing" and I trust God will reach the lost through us. Time is short but God arm aint! Hallelujah
The photo shows Jim (with Jesus) beside a fortune teller sign. God has given spiritual gifts such as prophesy to His people and my passion is to see people move in the spiritual gifts on the street. I believe the demonic counterfeits (such as fortune telling) would be rightly exposed by such a demonstration of God's power (like Moses before Pharaoh's magicians!). Sadly for many believers it is as Leonard Ravenhill said "For fear of false fire people settle for no fire at all!". It's great to see the Spirit of God move in a church building but WHY NOT ON THE STREETS like it was with Jesus?

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