Monday, July 27, 2009


Having turned down offers to witness at the Croak Patrick Annual Hill Climb and the Saturday U2 gig at Croke Park I made space, by the grace of God to join my pal Oliver tonight (Monday) outside Croke Park for the final U2 concert. As I was arriving on bike I got a call from him explaining how a family matter detained I was alone...Well not quite, I did have the Holy Spirit with me! I chained the bike to a post took a high viz jacket from my rucksack, which also contained coat and hat in case showers came, and walked up to the security barriers. I didn't have a ticket (a Garda requirement) and I did have a rucksack (a banned item). When I approached the Garda I said "I'm on official business" and was flagged through! Hallelujah! I eventually parked myself at a traffic island half way down Clonliffe Road and raised high THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, The matchless all sufficient name, The name by which we are SAVED. JESUS. For the next hour and a half tens of thousands saw the sign and many brief witnessing encounters ensued. I am not ashamed of the one I love and the One who loved me so much that He gave His Blood. One chap I spoke to had been to church for a few years, read the BIble, believed Jesus was innocent but wasn't so sure that he was guilty! I pray that some eternal seeds were sown and that some people call on His name tonight when the music fades away! Hallelujah. Ant

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