Sunday, March 29, 2009


4 of us drove up from Dublin and ministerd on the streets of Dundalk yesterday. We were joined by Maurice, the local evangelist, and then after for a brief time by a lovely african sister from the local Mountain of Fire Church. We held high the name of Jesus and preaching the matchless gospel of God's forgiveness. The first location we chose near the large Tesco supermarket attracted perhaps the most foul mouthed youths we've seen in a long time. Heartbreaking. We found that we needed to worship more on the street this time than normal to dispel the spirits of darkness. We worship by singing songs like "Jesus, all for Jesus" and "Here is love" with the guitar, closed eyes and raised voices. Worship is warfare.

When we relocated to the main street the grace flowed as did the street preaching. Car windows were rolled down and people appeared at shop doorways to hear the message. Although much seed was sown and tracts distributed there was very little one on one encounters and the hearts of too many remained cold or indifferent. We will soon see revival in the land where the Holy Spirit is outpoured and multitudes kneel on the street in brokenness and repentance...Only God can do this and now...following Dundalk ...we are burdened deeply to pray for this...Limerick next!

The photo shows Maurice, perhaps one of the most faithful and consistant street evangelists in Ireland.

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