Sunday, March 15, 2009


12 saints met today in St Patrick's Park and retraced the lines of the poddle river as it would have flowed in the time of Patrick when he baptised people there 1500 years ago. With the Country in crisis we called out to our sovereign Lord for mercy. Legally this country is built on the foundation of Jesus (read the preamble to the Irish Constitution and be amazed), yet morally this nation has forgotten such roots and godly history. Today was a small act in many ways but I believe it was a spark which will fan into a flame. Next year a larger prayer gathering will be held at the cross in Phoenix Park entitled "Dedicate Ireland". Paul O'Higgins wrote to Tomas Kennedy recently about this and said "...We would envision that this would be a large gathering of believers and that we would rededicate the land to Jesus Christ and ask cleansing from all blood guilt and idolatry.
This will be to lift up no man except the Man Jesus Christ..."
I found it odd in one way that God would call me (with Tomas) to call the meeting we had today. I say this because I see myself primarily as an evangelist and street preacher and not an "intercessor", yet I was gripped by the conviction that we must take simple steps of obedience as God leads regardless of what we think! I also had the conviction that God would show us the details of what to do on the day...and this He certainly did!...Oh to the joy of carrying out the will of the Father.
One thing God showed me in the Spirit during the prayer was that in the past the fire of God came on believers at this location from where they spread out across the land and yet again God will send us out as firebrands across this nation to bring the eternal life changing powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. Ant

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