Wednesday, March 16, 2016


In Jerusalem after the death of Jesus there was a great desire among the authorities to put an end to the followers of Jesus.  They only had one problem....They couldn't produce the dead body.  Embarrassing to say the least!  There was no doubt that he was killed on a cross, taken down as a corpse and put in a rock tomb with armed guards at the sealed entrance.   Let us consider the 3 options: (a) The authorities took the body,  (b) The disciples took the body or (c) Jesus rose from that dead like he had promised.
We can rule out option (a) as they would have publicly displayed the dead body to quickly end the matter.  This did not happen.  Option (b) can be also ruled out because virtually all of the 12  apostles, not to mention many other followers went to their death because of their conviction that he rose from the dead.  Under pain of death surely one of them would have spilled the beans and said where they put the body, but this didn't happen.
We are left with option (c), the resurrection. Not quite sure how Hollywood will handle the upcoming "Risen" movie but the challenge to believe remains for all. When you consider the 3 options the denial of the miracle of Jesus' resurrection is proven illogical to say the least.

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