Thursday, October 29, 2015


While walking my dog the other morning on Sandymount Strand I met a friend who was a former colleague in  a large office over 22 years ago.  At the time I would witness for the Lord on the odd occasion and being the only born again believer among about 60 staff I did represent a curiosity for many.  The office had a tradition where people bring in their own cake to the tea room on the occasion of their birthday.  One Ash Wednesday I took the step of bringing in the cake and when people asked "whose birthday is it?" I'd say " Mine...I was born again this day a number of years ago".  This Holy Spirit stunt sure got the office talking....  Now fast forward 22 years:
My friend remarked, when we met, that it was good to have a brighter hour in the mornings (the clocks had recently moved back). I thought about the darker evenings and said "Yeah but we have to pay for it later".  He then retorted "Not a chat for now but you'd know all about paying for things later".  Thus ended our brief morning chit chat but it made me think that sometimes conviction can linger over a long time.  I pray my friend meets Jesus soon.

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