Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Hangover Cure

There ended up being 7 of us today on Grafton Street holding high the wonderful Name above all names to the Patrick's day crowds. After a few hours of sharing Jesus to the many enquirers I personally felt exhausted, but delighted.  Jesus graciously healed one chap of a back problem and another lady of ...guess what... a hangover.  That particular lady was from Auckland in New Zealand and I'm sure that when she was planning her trip to Ireland she was probably thinking more of the Guinness than the Cure. To my knowledge nobody bowed the knee to the King but I trust and believe that of the many encounters we had the day will come when many will ultimately testify to the Good News they heard this St Patrick's day in Dublin.  We are honoured to be one of the few countries on earth where we can freely preach and witness on the street without fear of arrest.  This window may not last forever as the laws close in on Truth, Truth being a person called Jesus.


jimflem said...

Great work rom a fellow street evangelist in Belfast! I have done some work in the past with the John 3:7 boys in Dublin.

Every blessing and happy fishing!


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