Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hardening of arteries...Hmmm.

The recent diabolical attacks in France were truly appalling but so too was much of the commentary. I have never read the Koran nor have plans to do so but have had many discussions with muslims and on the most part they have not been radicals. If the truth be known they, like many "Christians" in Ireland and western europe are trusting in their works to appease holy God. This is not how its done. If it was then Jesus wasted his time at the cross, which he didn't of course.

Most media, political and press commentators (i.e virtually all the voices you will hear) come from the assumption that mankind is basically good and that if they "misbehave" it's someone else's fault. They means that if Hamas fires rockets into Israel then its Israel's fault for "being the aggressor".   If muslims are radicalised and turn violent then it's America's fault for their "war on terror".  The blame game started the moment after sin started on this planet. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed serpent, remember.

God has a different view, one I believe, and that may not be politically correct but yet is 100% true: mankind is rotten and in need of redemption by God himself (Read Paul's letter for the Romans if you don't believe me).

Deception comes, again according to God, from a hardness of heart towards the true God (Ephesians 4:18 for this one).  We are warned by Him to not harden our hearts if we hear His voice yet too often too many do and the depth of the utter stupidity in their belief system becomes staggering..and yet they rigidly and stubbornly believe such nonsense.  We talk about hardening of arteries but who talks about hardening of heart?

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