Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Joe recently joined us for some outreach and we are blessed to have one of the most "chilled out" fishers of men you could imagine. Here he is outside the Aviva stadium after the recent American football game

It's been a while since the last post, mostly because of the time I have been giving to Radio and Podcast work (see Pilgrim Talk on the left hand side of this page) but I thought I'd "catch up" with a few thoughts. It's hard to believe that the weekly podcasts have been going for more than a year and that we have a small audience but my main passion remains EVANGELISM which means getting the good news out. Jesus did a truly amazing job at Calvary and we are the delivery boys with this message. The rising tide of secular humanism, atheism and Darwinism, especially in churches, make this message more vital than ever. 
Evangelism is the one word that motivates some believers and terrorizes others. Why is that? We have all witnessed bad evangelism done under compulsion, yet some of us at times have experienced God's grace operate through us in sharing His message on occasion and the feeling is truly irreplaceable. It is this type I encourage yet I know we don't do so that we feel good, we do it because of our hearts for Jesus and for the lost (..ehem..pre-believer).

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