Monday, March 19, 2012


Here's my current top ten reasons why we need the Holy Spirit:
Only He convicts the world of sin
Only He gives us true motives
Only He gives us the ability to be representatives of Jesus
Only He gives eternal life
Only He can help man to give honour to God
Only He can give us the word we need to share the gospel
Only He can teach us how to conduct ourselves
Only He convicts the world of (His ) righteousness 
Only He gives true power
Only He leads to Jesus
Without the Holy Spirit in our ministry we are in a sorry and sad if not dangerous place. Fill us Lord!
With huge crowds on Grafton Street a few of us went out on Saturday (St Patrick's Day) to hold high the name of Jesus and witness and preach the gospel. We had a very busy day with not a few interesting encounters and one to one discussions. While I do believe we sowed eternal seed I can't deny that we need a new pentecost on the streets in Ireland. 
We are currently reading the glorious accounts of God's visitation to the Hebrides Islands in the 1940's. Duncan Campbell was a humble servant used by God in this revival and he wrote a jaw dropping account here
It is slowly dawning on me that...there is no Plan B to such a visitation.

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