Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Richard Dawkins' assertion on the national TV station RTE that God does not exist was intellectually absurd. How can anyone say that somebody does not exist...Does Mr Dawkins know everything? I am sure he'd admit he doesn't so. I would then ask what if God is simply outside of your knowledge? Dawking like Attenborough riles against the madness of the idea of a nasty God who allows virus' eat away at people. The common mistake they and countless others make is that they forget ( or deny) the fall and its effect on creation. God's original creation was very good, not nasty but when man and woman cut themselves off from God by their free will rebellion (shhhhh.... sin I mean!) things went truly pear shaped. In their arrogance mankind then points the finger at the creator God. What was God's response? He bankrupted heaven by sending his most precious possession, HIs only son Jesus, the Innocent One, to take the rap for us rebels...In the meantime we pamper ourselves with hard hearted and callous lies about a creation with a Creator, design with a Designer, order without an Organizer, life without a Life Giver...hardly science!

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