Saturday, September 20, 2008


Haven't posted much of late.The reason is because I have not been fishing for souls but have been ministered to by God almighty and built up following a number of trials my close friends might know about.

If your cousin and greatest supporter had his head chopped off because a wicked king because he made a rash promise during a moment of seduction and manipulation at a drunken party would you feel? More to the point if you withdraw to a private place and then had crowds following you looking for something would you not be tempted to tell them to get lost for a while?..Not so Jesus (Matthew 14:14) "He had compassion on them and healed their sick". Guys...the pity party is officially over! The needs of the lost have not gone away...and nor has God's compassion towards them. He wishes none to perish but ALL to come to repentance and the knowledge of God through Jesus.

Photo shows Leonidas' wife lifting high His Holy Name in Burundi.

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