Monday, February 04, 2008

Arise Dublin!

Imagine a city where the people of God come together from different churches and repent of building their own Kingdoms and praying that boats will draw alongside each other to draw in the harvest! Wow!! On Friday night the first Arise Dublin revival prayer meeting was had and hundreds attended. The Photos show 14 leaders of different churches on stage receiving prayer! What a sad sight in hell...the anointings are being mingled and the city will be lost to Satan! GO to for details on the upcoming meetings from now till 16 March.

We are in a war and a united effort is required to carry out the Lord's victory against the devil and his cohorts. As in the Second world war when the allies united for a common cause so too THE ENTIRE CHURCH need to be motivated to do their part to win the lost. If God's plan was only to bless you he'd have promoted you the minute you were saved but instead He has a call for YOU to reach the lost. Lift your eyes beyond the parapet of your church and see the vast multitude of the walking dead...all in mortal need of new birth. GO!!! In Ephesians Chapter 4 you will see that the Evangelists job is not to do all the Soulwinning but to Equip the Saints for Works of Service. How better can you serve your King than lead somebody to HIm.

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